Slow Foreplay and Sharing Sexual Energy

Slow Foreplay and Sharing Sexual Energy episode podcast art.jpeg

Does your sexual energy need to be shared?

Daniela (pronouns she/her/hers) and Shaun (he/his/him) share the slow, delicious foreplay of dressing and undressing one another and watching one another strut. They explore sexting etiquette, dick pics, and consensual interactions.

Hear Shaun say, “When your partner is turned on…when they find that turn on…you don't need to go at it right away. But there's so much scarcity, right?” while Daniela says, “I can't help reemphasizing that when you explore self-pleasure and when you deepen your sexual connection to yourself, that sexual energy vibrates out and magnetizes other people.” Tune in as Daniela and Shaun talk about how your sexual energy is yours to do with what you will.

Through Daniela and Shaun's conversation, think about what happens when you slow down sexual interactions as you build desire. Consider how sexual energy you develop in your self-pleasure practice is yours and not owed to anyone, including your partner.