To Plan or Not To Plan

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Does planning your time together make you feel calm or caged in?

Daniela and Shaun explore their upcoming kid-free vacation and how to prepare (or not) and connect (or not) over plans for how to spend their time. From setting intentions and expectations to letting things be and flow as they are, listen as they share their thoughts and feelings around having the trip be a certain way.

Shaun says, “This is a huge opportunity for it to be anything we want it to be. Why can't it just be?” Hear Daniela say, “It’s just a really blank, wide open space, and my fear is that we will do nothing. Not because we don't. Not because we choose to do nothing…but because choosing to do something is harder.” Tune in to hear Daniela and Shaun negotiate triggers and fears around how to spend their time together.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider your needs and desires as well as your partner’s needs and desires around feeling safe, loved, and connected in your time together. Begin to look at the ways in which how your plan (or not) time together affects one another while being curious around how you can support yourself and one another better.

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