What Matters Most?

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What matters most to you?

Daniela and Shaun discuss what matters most in life in light of recent deaths in their family. While meeting with their life insurance agent, issues of worthiness and value come up and impact their relationship and the life they’ve created.

Hear Daniela say, "There's a sense that money can buy you or give you whatever you're lacking, whatever it is you desire. It could buy you love. It could buy you sex. It could buy you a relationship” while Shaun says, “I’m no happier with money than when I was a teenager or when I was a 20-something with no money.” Tune in as Daniela and Shaun talk about going deeper to uncover what truly matters and makes them happy.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s discussion consider what matters most to you in your relationship and in your life. Begin to look at how living on the top floor or on the surface keeps you from co-creating an epic life together.

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