What's On The Sex Menu?

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Daniela and Shaun talk about what’s on the sex menu, what it’s like in the beginning, how the options become narrower, and what their menu looks like now. They explore why the options for sexual acts change over time in a long term relationship or marriage and what it sex feels like with different “menus” in place.

Hear Shaun say, “How easy is it to forget those butterflies in your stomach of when you first met your partner?” while Daniela says, “You want a comfort level, a certain stability, a

certain safety, so you set the menu to 5-7 sexual positions, if you’re lucky, and 3-5 sexual acts.” Hear as they discuss how sex felt mechanical and like a chore for them and what it takes to deepen sexual connection.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation, feel for yourself what the specials are on your sex menu—what your go-to favorites are—as well as where you might expand and deepen sexual connection with your partner. Consider what holds you back and what the benefits might be of working toward epic sex.

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