When Your Partner’s Emotions Trigger You

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How do you feel when your partner shares deep emotions with you?

Daniela and Shaun share the hard transition from expressing emotions and holding space to reconnection in their relationship. Once you learn how to avoid fixing your partner, telling them they're wrong, or talking about yourself, progressing out of holding space can be difficult...especially if one or both of you is or has been triggered.

Hear Daniela say, "I feel abandoned because of how you're holding your feelings." Listen as Shaun says, "We know that your triggers trigger my triggers and vice versa." Tune in as Daniela and Shaun talk through reintegrating into their day-to-day interactions after a separation of holding space and stepping back.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider how you share deep emotions with your partner and how you hold space for your partner’s deep emotions. Begin to look at the ways in which you trigger your partner and your partner triggers you in an effort to experience more love and compassion for each of your wounds.

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