Your Relationship is Normal

Your Relationship is Normal podcast art.jpeg

How do you know your relationship is normal?

Daniela (prefers she/her/hers pronouns) and Shaun (prefers he/his/him pronouns) talk about their experiences getting together with other couples. When very little is shared with any authenticity, they talk about getting stuck in comparison instead of considering what it is they truly desire inside their relationship.

Hear Daniela ask, “What do you learn about relationships when you have the opportunity to sit and talk with other couples?” while Shaun says he has to have a sense of peace within himself to hear what it is he truly wants. He says, “You have to show up and be vulnerable even if you don't want to show up.” Tune in as Daniela and Shaun explore what it takes to get the momentum of sex and intimacy going in addition to how to stop it and move in another direction.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider what it takes to get the momentum going in your relationship and if either one of you compare your relationship to others’. Begin to cultivate an understanding of your relationship as normal and each of you as worthy and deserving of love.