What Do You Have Around Your Relationship?

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What do you have around your relationship?

Daniela (pronouns she/her/hers), Shaun (he/his/him), and Linnea (she/her/hers) share around future versions of themselves while playing with a communication tool and technique for depth and exploration.

Hear Shaun ask, “Your final resting place. Could you pick it out? Where would it be?” while Daniela says, “It is too unsafe for me to look that far into my future.” Linnea shares, “I've definitely thought of end of life in terms of how much dignity I want to have, my autonomy and what my wishes would be.” Tune in as Daniela, Shaun, and Linnea talk about visions of their future and how to care for one another.

Through their conversation, think about how you enter difficult conversations in your relationship. Consider how simple communication tools can create a safe container for deep expression and connection with your partner(s).