Jade Egg Basics

You’ve purchased a jade egg. Now what?

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Jade Egg Setup

When you first get your jade egg, you want to boil it for 10 minutes to sterilize it. Don't “over boil" your egg, though. You want the water to be at a boil and not too much hotter to avoid damaging the stone.

Once the water boils, you can turn down the heat so it’s boiling at the right level. You can also monitor the heat levels with a thermometer and make sure the boiling water is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius.

Jade Egg Hygiene

To clean the egg after each use, you can either put a few drops of pharmaceutical grade Betadine or iodine in a glass of water and drop the egg in. Then rinse it off and store your egg for its next use.

You can also rinse off the egg after each practice and then drop it in boiling water for a few seconds before the next practice. Make sure to let it cool down first before inserting the egg.

When Not to Use Your Jade Egg

You know your body best, so if it doesn’t feel right to insert your egg, don’t do it. Also, here are some occasions when it’s best to do your jade egg practice without the egg:

  • Heavy bleeding with your period — A jade egg moves energy up and counteracts the downward force of bleeding.

  • Active STI outbreak — Know your body and when outbreaks are occurring.

  • Pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions

  • Pregnancy — People have experienced tremendous hormonal shifts while using a jade egg, and it’s best to not counteract the shifts already happening during pregnancy.

  • Yeast infections — Yeast thrives in hot, dark, wet environments, which jade egg practices enhance. Use your jade egg practice to address underlying causes and not during an outbreak.

Jade Egg Practice Setup

For your jade egg practice you want to have:

  • A clean egg

  • Unwaxed, unflavored dental floss, silk string or thread.

  • Vagina-friendly oil or lube if you desire, and if you are doing self-massage

  • Music playlist to set the mood


Stringing Your Jade Egg

Stringing your jade egg makes for peace of mind when you insert and remove the egg. You also need to string your egg when lifting weights.

Always use medical-grade floss or string like unwaxed, unflavored dental floss or organic silk string or thread. Waxed floss can melt. Mint floss can sting. Standard thread can cut. I like to use silk floss from an organic market.

Measure from the space between your belly button and pubic bone to about your knees if you’re using weights. Otherwise you can measure about a 20 inches or 50 centimeters of string so there’s about 10” inches or 25 centimeters when you tie both ends or when you fold it in half.

From there, you have a couple of different ways to string your egg. One way is to take one end and string it through the egg and tying a few knots at the ends is one way.

Another way is to fold the floss or thread in half. Thread the end that’s folded through the holes in the egg. Now a loop is on the side of the egg where the string has exited. Pull the two loose ends through the loop, and pull it tight.

To remove the jade egg just pull on the string.


What to Expect

It’s going to feel different than you expect.

It’s also very normal to feel nothing at all in the beginning until you develop a sensitivity and awareness in your pelvis.

Also having supported others and experienced my own jade egg practice over the years, your experience may oscillate between the path of pleasure and the path of purification.

The path of pleasure may have you saying, “I feel amazing, incredible, turned on, buzzing.”

The path of purification may feel like it’s not safe to feel super sexually alive or to glow and be radiant from the inside out. You could experience moments of numbness, disconnect, anger and tears. Feeling really resistant from heavy conditioning is also common.

Embrace your experience.

It’s all a part of you and a part of being human. Know, too, that the path of purification is oftentimes showing you what needs to be addressed or healed before you experience greater pleasure and a deeper love for yourself.

Finally you may have some cramping or soreness. Just like when you work out at the gym, the next day your pelvic floor muscles may feel tight as they strengthen.

Books About Jade Egg and Taoism

Tao Tantric Arts by Minke De Vos

Emergence of the Sensual Woman by Saida Desilets

Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating female sexual energy by Mantak Chia

The MultiOrgasmic Woman by Rachel Carlton Abrams

The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu