Resourcing is a practice to support you remaining present and in your body. It helps you to find a place of embodied goodness. Especially during periods of stress, overwhelm or flashback, it’s essential to have a place that feels safe, comfortable or a space that feels like home inside your body.

Being able to access feel-good sensations empowers you to choose safety over focusing on panic, anxiety, suffering or pain. It strengthens your system to move toward wholeness and health as a choice.

To resource, start by scanning your body and looking for spaces that feel good, that feel safe or that feel comfortable.

For example:

• I feel a warmth in my heart.
• I feel a tingling in my left hip.
• I feel a strength in right thigh.

Breathe into and out of the sensation and location as if they had lungs. With deep, long breaths, invite the sensations of safety and comfort to expand and relax with each inhale and exhale. Find the place of goodness in your body and rest your focus there.